Npower Monthly Clearance – What Batch C Must Know

In today’s latest Npower news – we will be discussing What Npower monthly clearance means and why Batch C Volunteers Should Know as the beneficiaries prepared to resume work on the 4th of October 2021. So read on!

What does Npower Monthly Clearance Means?

Npower monthly clearance is a monthly screening Exercise conducted on Npower volunteers to ensure that they attend their place of primary assignment monthly to enable them received their monthly stipends. Read also What Can Lead To A Npower Volunteer Disengagement After Deployment

Types of monthly clearance in Npower programme

There are two types of Npower monthly clearance which we are going to explain below:

  1. Npower official clearance
  2. Npower PPA Supervisor Clearance

The Npower official clearance is not done monthly, it is done once a while with prior notice. Beneficiaries might be informed by their PPA supervisor beforehand.

Npower PPA Supervisor Clearance is the type of clearance that is conducted monthly in Volunteers PPA by his supervisor. This type of clearance is done in some PPA by filling a daily register and then the supervisor will compile a final list at the end of the month.

The consequence of Missing Npower monthly clearance

The consequence of missing Npower clearance is sudden disengagement from the Npower Programme because it shows that a volunteer is absconding from work which is against the term and conditions of the Npower Programme.

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