Why Some Are Yet To Be Shortlisted For Npower Bach C Verification

Why Some Are Yet To Be Shortlisted For Npower Bach C Verification – We noticed that a lot of you are complaining that your Nasims Npower batch C verification status is still showing that you have not been shortlisted for the verification state yet, stating “please check back later” even when you score high in the CBT interview screening exercise. So we decided to create this post to calm nerves. You may want to check the How to check Npower Bach C Shortlisted verification status

Though it is no longer news that Npower has begun shortlisting for verification, it very important you note that not every applicant has been shortlisted yet and only those who according to Nasims’ team passed the screening Successfully will get to the verification stage. we heard that the shortlisting is been done in phases. So probably the first phase of shortlisted candidates are those who are seeing shortlist on their profile and have commenced verification.

There is no need to panic if you visit your nasims profile but find out that you are yet to be shortlisted. The programme is in categories and in component, the shortlisting is probably done categorically according to the component of the programme.

In the graduate categories, degree holders will be enrolled as teachers, health Extension workers in their various communities of residents. While the non-graduate categories are basically more of a skill acquisition programme, they will be enrolled to be trained in Agriculture, software and hardware engineering, creatives and NPower build. So all this component of the Programme might not start at the same time.

In order words, we advise you to keep checking your Nasims profile for changes. However, there are others who might not pass through the screening state to the verification stage. Open here to see the categories Of Npower Batch C Applicants That May Not Be Shortlisted.

At least non of you have received a message from Npower that your journey has come to an end yet so keep Hope alive and keep checking your dashboard.

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