8 Aptitude Test Questions And Answers About NSCDC

We did some research and compiled 8 aptitude test questions and answers about Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp(NSCDC) for you. Below are 8 likely asked questions and answers during NSCDC Exams:

1) What is the full meaning of NSCDC?
ANSWER: Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps

2) What is the Mission of NSCDC?
ANSWER: Developing structures and training strategies that would contribute to the national security by using modern technology.

3) Who is the current Commandant General of Nigeria Security and Civil defense Corps (NSCDC)?
ANSWER: Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu

4) List the names of past Commandant General of NSCDC?
ANSWER: a. Abiola Atunramu (Ag)
b. Dr. Adewale John Abolurin OFR, PSC

5) Outline the Vision of NSCDC?
ANSWER: To put to work efficiency, humility and integrity in service delivery with a fresh zeal, bring credibility into concept of security.

6) NSCDC Command is Categorized into howmany Zones?
ANSWER: 8 Zones. Zone A to Zone H

7) How many Command do NSCDC have?
ANSWER: 36 Command

8) Which Zone do Lagos, Kaduna, and Enugu Command belong to?
ANSWER:(a) Lagos State Command belongs to Zone A
(b) Kaduna State Command belongs to Zone B.
(c) Enugu State Command belongs to Zone E.

Bonus NSCDC questions and Answers

9) When was NSCDC first introduced in which year?
ANSWER: May 1967 during the civil war.

10) In 1967, NSCDC was known as?
ANSWER: Lagos civil defence Committee.

11) When was the name Lagos civil defence committee changed to NSCDC?


12) When was NSCDC transformed into a National security outfit?


13) The restructuring of NSCDC that lead to the establishment of command throughout the federation took place when?

In 1988.

14) Who sign into law the act to give statutory backing to the NSCDC passed by the National Assembly?

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR former present of Nigeria

15) In what year did the act to give statutory backing to the NSCDC passed by the National Assembly sign into law?

On 28th June 2003.

16) What is the full meaning of NSCDC?

NSCDC is a para military agency of the federal Republic of Nigeria that is Commissioned to provide measures against threat and any form of attack or disaster against the Nation and its citizen.

17) The Umbrella body of all the 58 Civil defence members countries is known as?

ICDO International civil defence organisation.

18) Name five African Countries that are members of the ICDO?

(a) Nigeria, (b) Ghana, (c) Algeria, (d) Cameroon, (e) Morocco

19) What is the full meaning of CDFIPB?

Civil defence, fire, Immigration and prisons services board.

20) Which ministry exercise supervisory control over NSCDC?

Ministry of interior.

21) Name the security agencies that the Ministry of interior supervises their activities?

Nigeria police force, Nigeria prisons service, Nigeria Immigration, federal fire service, Nigeria security and civil defence corps, Nigeria police academy kano, the civil defence, Immigration of prison, fire service board (CDFIPS)

22) Who is the minister of ministry of interior?
ANSWER: Rauf Aregbesila.

Note: these questions and answers are few among many others. Search for more learning materials and study hard for your exams. If you need the comprehensive/Complete NSCDC sample Exams questions and answers, simply comment below.



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